What is Viuly.com?

As the enterprise or its website says-

“The world’s first decentralized video sharing platform.

A revolutionary solution that changes the multi-billion dollar market of online video forever.

We aren’t searching for solutions to non-existent problems – we’re solving the actual ones!”

It has successfully done the required groundwork operations for its business base. Hence, it discloses an online video-based video market and quotes as-

“Currently 2.7 billion people watch videos online daily: almost half of the global population. 5 billion videos are watched daily on Youtube alone.
Every day, around the world people, is watching billions of videos, most of them hosted by major video platforms such as Youtube.
The market volume of online video was about $25 billion in 2016, and will be $30 billion by 2018. Including advertising revenue, the online video streaming industry worldwide is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. During the last 5 years, from country to country, average growth has been 15-30%. At the same time, traditional television is stagnating and its percentage of total video content is constantly decreasing.” So far this has involved in analyzing to online video market and now announcing the whole world.

“By 2020 more than 80% of internet traffic will be video. End-users (individuals) make up a significant part of the growing community of video consumers. However, rapid growth is not only due to the consumer segment. The video sector is building confidence in the industry; an increasing number of companies are using video to promote their products, services, and brand. A broadband video will grow from 17% of total viewing minutes in 2015 to 38% by 2025”. It upholds the market opinions of The Diffusion Group (TDG)

How it works:

For advertisers:

Advertisers may transfer data to a server or upload on the backing their advertising the video that publicizes an event, a website, a product or a service, by displaying the settings a cost-per-view and by objectively based on audience country, city, gender, age, and interests.The video will only be shown to those users who are elected targeting group. A bonus, determined by an advertiser in the settings, will be added frequently to users’ wallets for each authentically viewing of the video.

Sponsors may add their banner or a short promotional video for up to 30 seconds to come into sight in the videos that are listed as free to view by their uploaders.

Advertisers may add a video that promotes a specific product or a service, to the Viuly marketplace, along with a text description, technical characteristics, and price.

For content creators:

Users, who are interested to watch selected composition, pay the indicated cost and undoubtedly get access to the video.

Video creators can create a paid channel, for which users pay a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Video creators can upload their video and specify them as free to watch.

For users:

Users can watch free videos without ads with the option to support content creators if they liked the video.

Users can watch free videos with ads installed in them and frequently receive in their wallets 25% of the cost-per-view specified by the sponsor.

Users can watch promotional videos uploaded by sponsors and naturally receive in their wallets 90% of the cost-per-view specified by an advertiser.

VIU Tokens:

VIU tokens are established on Viuly’s Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). All business contracts on the platform are apparently recorded and stored in the blockchain, where they can always be examined.

Principally, the outline of the event for the VIU token is correlated with the growth of the user base of the Viuly platform. The more users and video views, the more sponsors will exhibit their products. Due to this, the output and demand for tokens will grow. Furthermore, there will be a marketplace on the platform, where users can buy various goods and services and pay for purchases with VIU tokens

Initially, the company is going to allocate10 000 000 VIU tokens, which will be distributed among users for registering, uploading the first video and inviting friends. This approach will attract first users to the video platform even at the beginning stage

Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion)
Tokens allocated for airdrop: 500 000 000 (500 million)
Token symbol: VIU

There is no need to do anything in order to get VIU tokens. All eligible ethereum holders will receive VIU tokens in their ERC-20 compatible wallets automatically.

For every 1 ETH held in ethereum wallet, we will send 5 VIU tokens.

In order to be eligible to participate in the VIU token airdrop, your ethereum wallet has to be active with a positive balance of minimum 0.10 ETH.

Ethereum wallet addresses registered with exchanges are not eligible to participate in airdrop.